We bring you the ultimate Afghan dress experience.

Welcome to Kochay, we are a traditional Afghan dress designer with our materials sourced in Kabul and manufactured in Pekhawar. We custom make our Afghan dresses to suit your fit using a variety of beautiful fabrics. We pride ourselves on being affordable with a premium quality.

Free shipping? You heard us. Shop at Kochay to get your Custom Afghan dress cheaper than anywhere else. We offer free shipping throughout the UK. Ordering from abroad? We also have free worldwide shipping Online, which is always a bonus.


Premium Afghan Dresses

Traditional Afghan Dresses

With traditional Afghan dresses, they are usually loose and conservative where we can make them more to your style as they are all custom made. We understand how special these Afghan dresses are and how they make you feel so we will keep to the traditional Afghan trends and keep with the Afghan culture.

Custom Afghan Dresses

We are proud that we can tailor your custom afghani dress to suit your style, we can make the traditional style afghani dress as well as some with a modern twist which portrays elegance and a timeless fashion. If you have a vision of your afghani dress, allow us to stitch that into reality.

How To Buy Your Afghan Dress?

To purchase your afghan dress add it to basket. If you would like more information before you buy you can contact us on WhatsApp or using the contact form below. We also offer custom made afghani dresses, we're here to help QUEEN. We promise to get back to you within 48 hours.

Returning your Afghan Dress.

Every Afghan dress is carefully inspected before it is sent out to you. We have a no returns policy, unless you receive your dress and it is different to what you purchased.